Friday, March 10, 2017

Rubberband Wrists and 1 year stats!

 Born the smallest of all three but coming in the biggest at 1 year old!!  


Wt:  25lbs 10oz  (96%)  
Ht:  30in (76%)
head circ:  47cm (92%)
To compare at 1 year:
Hampton 21.8lbs (30%)
AL  24.6lbs (88%)


Let's see at 13 months...
*off formula and switched to whole milk
*takes one bottle (of milk) before bed.  Good at a sippy cup.  Will not drink milk from a sippy cup, only water (or juice on occasion)
*We've got a mouth full of teeth and I'm convinced teeth are straight from the devil :-) 4 on top and 4 on bottom plus all 4 molars.
* Great eater.  Will eat pretty much anything...have you seen this girl ;-)  Favorites include:  blueberries, mac and chz, bananas, avocados, mandarin oranges, yogurt, cinnamon toast crunch.  However, she will not let you feed her with a spoon.  She has to do it...hello mess!
*I think she's my child that laughs the most....which makes sense because she's constantly surrounded by a comedy show aka our life!!
*has two speeds when crawling now. pulls up, cruises furniture and lets go for a split second.  Still a good ways from walking I think.  Mostly, because girlfriend is content/lazy.  I'm not worried at all but ask me again in July if she still isn't..... she needs to be walking by August to begin her MMO. 
*You are a good sleeper.  Taking a morning and afternoon nap and bedtime is around 730.  Lately, you've been waking up about 630am. 
*Still loving balls, baths, reading books (your fave is Moo, Baa, La La La).
*you don't like being told no and getting your diaper changed.  It doesn't happen very often at all but when you get really mad/fustrated you "attack" us!
*every morning when I come in to get you you hand me your baby doll (or whatever stuffed animal) to "love the baby" and give it a kiss.  Then I give it back to you and you "love the baby" before you pass it back to me.  Not sure how long this could go on because I'm always the one to stop it!

Oh my goodness, I just want to eat you up with a spoon.  Seriously, somebody push the pause button!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Brent had a Urology conference at Atlantis in the Bahamas last week so the big kids and I tagged along.   This is definitely the way to do conferences.....on an island, forget ever going to a conference in a boring city again, haha!!  

This place was amazing, crazy, massive.  We had a great time!  However, both Brent and I agreed that we probably would not be back until the kids were old enough to explore on their own and find their way back to us!  Also, it was February and the water was a little too cold for me, the kids didn't mind.   

The White-Zite's were there too.  If you remember, Wes helped train Brent in Knoxville and Nikki delivered both of our babies up there :-)  So good to catch up with them and their two boys.

Not sure why Hampton looks miserable!  But this was one of the few family photos!

They were not tall enough for the big waterslides but Brent and I did several of them and they were intense! 

The boats docked at the Atlantis Marina were amazing!

Whew!  Well, this was the last of the big trips for a while.   I've got one more special trip coming up in April and then I am planning on staying put for a year or at least taking all my kids with me wherever I go!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our BABY is ONE (and baptized)

Whoa, where does the time go!! 
We celebrated Hollins' birthday and baptism the weekend before her actual birthday with a pretty lunch after church and some cake!  Well, we actually celebrated her all weekend (my family came to stay) but lunch was the finale!!  I'd been wanting to use my good china (and sterling goblets passed down to me from my grandmother) for a while and I couldn't think of a better excuse than this :-)

Hollins did great (as expected)!  Even without her morning nap she was a complete angel.  Funny moment during the baptism when John (our pastor) held her up to the kid says, "she's mad!"  John said, "No she's not" and the kids say "look at her face!"  Obviously, referring to her pouty lip!  I about died!  It was hysterical and so fitting that they commented on it because it's basically her signature ;-)  She fell asleep on the way home from church and slept through lunch.  Finally woke up to blow out her candle and taste some cake.  It was a perfect day surrounded by family.  So thankful for the blessing of Hollins.  Seriously, a dream baby and I'm not ashamed to admit she is my favorite 97% of the time.....mostly because she doesn't talk back yet, takes two naps during the day and is ready for bed at 730 without any complaints ;-)  I'll come back and do a separate  one year post soon with some stats etc!