Thursday, June 7, 2018

I've been on a reading kick lately....

Highly recommend The Nightingale.
The Velveteen Daughter, good but slow.
 The Hate U Give is good and very enlightening.
Praying Circles Around....Please read this if you have kids, great.
Love Does and Everybody Always....highly recommend.
Love Lives can skip if you have read Love Does, she basically is telling the same stories her husband already did in Love Does :-)

Hope your Summer is off to a great start!  Ours has been full of cousins and camps!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Westwood Camping Trip--Cosby, TN

We met our Knoxville peeps in Cosby, TN last weekend for a weekend of camping.  Pig Jam isn't happening this year (welp) but a visit was still necessary!  This was our first time to join them and they have got it pretty much figured out....I almost have to say we were "glamping" considering breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided :-).   Adults and kids had a blast.  I typically just tolerate camping but I have to say that I truly, truly enjoyed it this time :-). Also, experiencing things for the first time with my kids always makes it that more enjoyable.  However, I have never felt so dirty and 3 days later I still feel like I have bugs crawling on me!  It was all worth it--We drove home Sunday with full hearts!

Friday, April 13, 2018


We took an afternoon off from the slopes and headed on a snowmobiling adventure thanks to Grandaddy and Phyl.  I will say it was definitely the highlight of the trip.....with Parent's night out (Allred's) coming in a close second for me :-). Enjoy the was gorgeous and soooo much fun.  

Alright, I guess we can move on past the ski trip....although I have tons more pictures :-/

Monday, April 2, 2018

Telluride 2018 pics!

(trying to catch up and keep this little blog alive.  surely, the kids will appreciate it one day, right?!)

So, get ready for picture overload from our trip to Telluride back in February.  Unfortunately, there wasn't great snow but we definitely made the most of it!  Lots of memories made...and I think it's safe to say Hamp and AL are bonafide skiers now :-). Enjoy the pictures, in no particular order....

ice skating one night and we made a friend, Ryder

first day, headed to ski school!

getting fitted

love my man and his love for adventure

Lollipop with her skis (and wings)!

riding the gondola to town for the first time! not sure what their faces mean, I think they had asked what happens if we fell?!?

my favorite boys, ready to shred the gnar!

Frozen pond = free entertainment.

Night out after an incredible dinner at Allreds.  

Reunited at the airport in Denver, got love?!

hot tub action

the family that skis together.....oh wait, we have another kid!  Next year, Hollipoppers, I think?!!

Hey Hamp!  Remember that time you were dangling from the ski lift and Uncle Jeff had to save you?!  Yes, I about had a heart attack...

a little slice of heaven!

more pictures coming!!