Wednesday, August 27, 2008

These past 3 months...

Wow, where to begin?! We are loving living in Knoxville. The mountain view, friendly people, and mildER climate! We are renting a downtown loft right now which has been so much fun. We get to walk to restaurants and bars and enjoy plenty of free entertainment (farmer's market, concerts, etc) right outside our door, no driving!

We've enjoyed a weekend camping trip atop Chilohowee Mnt. with the Moore's, Meredith and Ben (Ben graduated from UMC with Brent). They are our closest neighbors in Chattanooga. This included campfires (my favorite), hiking, fishing, and just relaxing as much as you could while roughing it!!

Most notable, Brent started his surgical career July 1st. Words can't really explain this experience so far. A true learning experience for both of us, all in a good way. I am so proud of him! Here are some fun pics from the first morning like 2:30am!

I am officially a clinic nurse, woohoo! I work 4 days a week NO WEEKENDS for a neurosurgeon at UT. I do approx. 3 manual blood pressures. Other duties include scheduling, phone triage, insurance stuff. Basically, a glorified secretary! I can't complain 12 hour shifts at UMC ER were taking there toll....however, I eventually might have to pickup a part-time job that includes needles and medicines! We'll see.

And that should catch everyone up!