Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Another one bites the dust....and will be moved to the deck, aka the "grave yard" as soon as possible. This is my third "nice" plant to die. I obviously do not have a green thumb AT ALL. I really used to laugh at people who said they couldn't keep plants alive. I mean really, what could be so hard....water, sunlight?!?!?! I have one peace lily in the house now (which is actually my second peace lily) and it seems to be hanging in there. Keep your fingers crossed!

On a lighter note....A $3.99 bottle of Merlot.....that is good! If you are a wine conniseur: just stop reading now! It goes down smoothe and has a great flavor. However, Brent says its watered down and it has been known to have little bits of cork in it-----as he takes a sip!! Brent and I have enjoyed many a bottle! It's definately worth it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Honestly, the most wonderful time of the year!! Brent and I had the whole week off before Christmas and were able to head back to Mississippi on Friday to celebrate our Three Christmases! We got to Carrollton late Friday night and stayed until Wed. morning (Christmas eve). Then we headed to Hattiesburg to celebrate with my mom and the family. Christmas day around 5ish we left for Meridian to celebrate with my dad.

We got back to Knoxville around 10:30p on Friday due to some slow, still traffic thru Chattanooga. Brent had to work Sat. morning for a couple of hours and then had to work Sat. night. We spent today cleaning up and putting all our new stuff in its perfect place. We really racked up on great gifts. Brent used his new power drill to organize our garage.

Merry, Merry Christmas!! Thanks everyone for everything! We love you.

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's beginning to Look a lot like....

So much fun decorating with Brent for our first Christmas--married that is! We made it a little celebration with a bottle of wine and chicken fajitas because Brent's 27th birthday was the next day, Monday Dec. 1st. Thanks goodness we did since Brent started on trauma/general surgery for the month and was gone from 3:30a-8p on his birthday. Needless to say he came home exhausted (and a little grumpy)! He is such a trooper. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVE!!
Next year we'll have to get a taller tree to go with our vaulted ceilings instead of the short, fat type. And after buying the essential Christmas decorations (well maybe a little more) I have decided to wait till after Christmas when everything is half off to continue to add to our collection. Considering we really started out with nothing, not even an ornament, it was getting a little expensive!