Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Another one bites the dust....and will be moved to the deck, aka the "grave yard" as soon as possible. This is my third "nice" plant to die. I obviously do not have a green thumb AT ALL. I really used to laugh at people who said they couldn't keep plants alive. I mean really, what could be so hard....water, sunlight?!?!?! I have one peace lily in the house now (which is actually my second peace lily) and it seems to be hanging in there. Keep your fingers crossed!

On a lighter note....A $3.99 bottle of Merlot.....that is good! If you are a wine conniseur: just stop reading now! It goes down smoothe and has a great flavor. However, Brent says its watered down and it has been known to have little bits of cork in it-----as he takes a sip!! Brent and I have enjoyed many a bottle! It's definately worth it.

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