Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Home Call"

Brent is on Pediatric surgery this month...which is considered an "easy" month in this most difficult "intern" year. One of the perks of Peds is that you can take call from home, meaning that you don't have to spend the night in the hospital...just go back up there if they need you. Urology only takes home call which is wonderful and beginning July 1st Brent essentially will never have to spend the night at the hospital again! Yay!!

Anyways, last Monday night was Brent's first night of home call ever and it pretty much sucked!! He got home around 6p, I fixed him a bowl of leftover chili and halfway through it he gets his first page (which is a trauma coming in) so he scarfs down the rest of his dinner and heads back to the hospital. I finally call him around 11:30p to say goodnight and get a text message in return "gonna be late. love u." So, he crawls into bed around 1:30a and we barely get to sleep when the next page comes in around 1:50a (its a transfer coming in approx. 40 min) so Brent's trying to make up his mind if he should go back up there. Two more pages regarding the same thing, so around 2:30 Brent gets out of bed and dressed. Then the next phone call was from another intern saying that they would take care of it and no need to come in. Thanks Chandler and Tahir!! So, Brent undresses gets back in bed and now its like 3a. We are both exhausted and so I get tickled because it's really getting ridiculous and there is nothing to do but laugh. By the end,we are both dying out laughing! Two more calls come in at some point, one that he has to give orders to the floor nurse (the nurse in me comes out and I am nervous hoping he is awake enough to know what he is saying because it has something to do with potassuim). Anyway, the next thing I know it is 7am....Brent has overslept!! And worsely my alarm is set to go off in 30 minutes, so I know I won't be able to go back to sleep.

I spent all day Tuesday exhausted at work, one patient asked me if I was okay because I looked flushed and, just tired, thank you, I know I look bad!! So, I'm thinking there is no way I am going to be able to do this all the time. Brent mentioned sleeping in the guest room, but that sounds so awful. We are married and a team, he basically lives sleep deprived and never complains, so I am just going to take one for the team....he's stuck with me!!

I'm happy to report Thursday was Brent's second night of home call and he only got one page at like 7p. Supposedly, Monday night was VERY unusual...we'll see!!

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