Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Smoky Mountain Hardin

Born Jan. 18th 2009

After much deliberation and debate we decided to get a dog----and after much more deliberation and debate we decided on a cockapoo! A mix between a cockerspaniel and toy poodle. They are a shed-free and hypoallergenic breed. Supposably, they are smart, loyal, kid-friendly, and won't get too big (but will be big enough to go play at the park with other dogs). So, Brent and I are both happy (me more than Brent) and can't wait till the first of March when we get to bring him home!

Brent still asks me everyday if I still really want a dog. My response: "Ummm, we've been married almost 9 months and basically have no real responsibility (besides a job and bills, but we do whatever we want whenever) so, yea I think--or do you just want to have a baby?!" Brent: "Okay, dog it is." I'm thinking baby will have to wait another couple of least.

Anyways, today is Smoky's one week birthday and here is his updated picture....


Mr.Anonymous said...

cool blog

Chappy said...

Hey kids,

Momma told me how to get here and I figured I drop you a note. I guess I will see Smoky when we come back up there or if you guys get back down here first.

Take care and tell Brent to work on the golf when he can.

Miss you guys and love you, Mom says hi.