Sunday, February 15, 2009

a quick side note...

Brent (my sweet hubby) is the one who started this blog. I had no clue we had a blog until he casually mentioned it one day after we were married. I was not so fond at first...but obviously I have taken to it!! I think it is great way to keep a "journal" of our life and sometimes share some cool stuff (i.e. recipes, hints, ideas) with the world. Something to look back at and one day for even our kids to enjoy. I wish my parents had done something like this. It's so hard to imagine that they were once in their twenties and actually did cool things (quick disclaimer: I'm sure we're a bore to 99% of people, but we are loving our "cool" life)!!! Haha. So, for someone that hates scrapbooking and who has started and stopped a dozen journals throughout my life (the longest one being only 6 entries)...yay for blogging!

Also, of course, this blog is for friends and family to enjoy along the way and keep in touch. By the way, I just realized we had "comments", woo hoo!! I thouroughly enjoyed reading the ones we had, even if a little late! I'm obviously still learning all the bells and whistles of this thing.

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