Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Dog Whisperer

According to the breeder, Smoky has always been the fiesty one and the one who initiated all the play between the pups. Of course, I thought this was so sweet when he told us. However, I'm learning exactly what they mean by the "alpha male." Not good (at least yet). Even the vet told me..."yeah, you don't want to pick the alpha or the runt." Great....I never knew this, somebody should have told me!! I guess since I've always grown up with female dogs this has not been an issue.

So, I have been reduced to purchasing Cesar Millan's book---which by the way is pretty good, more of a story of life, than the step by step directions I was needing to make this dog behave!!

Anyways, I'm trying to be the "calm-assertive" leader of our "pack." Cesar teaches that dogs are animals and should be treated that way in order for them to have a balanced, happy life. It's ultimately what they want and need. NOT to be treated like a human child and we are the reason for their "issues." Well, I'm a work in process and trying not to let this small, brown dog rule our house!! I also think that ALOT of Smoky is just puppy. However, as of now he is not my couch companion I had hoped for when Brent is not here. He is usually just biting something, including me! The positive thing about his independant, dominant nature is that he does enjoy his crate and sleeps all night long without crying.

I think I should add that we really do love him, it's amazing how much a part of our family he is becoming!

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