Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Outstanding Resident!

Brent took "The Absite" a national standardized test that all surgery residents must take each year about a month ago. This will be Brent's only year to take it since he will be Urology after this year. Well, Brent is very pleased with his score--I had to edit this to Brent's approval, because he was horrified I had put up a score!! Anyways, nobody knows because I had said it backwards and basically gave him an awful result, hehehehe, but you get the point!

He is surely deserving by all standards. He has handled this year with such a good attitude, work ethic, and grace. Never once in this process have I ever felt the least bit slighted as a wife and friend. Sure, I've had my share of lonely nights watching t.v. waiting on him to get home and sure he's not been much for conversations at dinner when he's really tired (the other night Kristin and Thomas came over to hangout and cookout before they left Knoxville (They've been here the last 8 wks travel nursing)...after we had eaten, Brent fell asleep (slam passed out) at the dinner table---we just carried on and they left soon after)! But, LIFE IS GOOD, we are so blessed and I try to give thanks 2-3 times a day.

I wish he would post about how trying and difficult the first year is. I mean they expect people who "graduate" from Medical school in May to "be a doctor" July 1st. It is kinda scary...I mean the housekeeping ladies probably know more about patient care at that point then they do---and definately the nurses do (unless it's their first day too)! That being's true if you've ever heard...Don't get in a car wreck in July!!

I know (from bits and pieces) that Brent is highly respected among his collegues. And without a doubt...will be an OUTSTANDING surgeon at this pace. CONGRATS BRENT---keep it up!!

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