Sunday, March 8, 2009

A whole LOTTA....

Poop and Pee, to put it nicely! I definately spent the first weekend cleaning up after Smoky. I felt like all I did was follow his butt (literally) around and the slightest little squat, I would scoop him up and place him on the newspaper. However, more than half the time he would sniff around and walk off--only to do his business somewhere else! And his favorite place to "do it" is the oriental rug in our den (which is probably like the nicest thing we have...From the Hardin's house)! The other problem with that---is that the rug is so dark, his poop blended in and I would literally have to get on my hands and knees...then follow my nose and search for it!!

Monday morning I had woken up an hour and a half earlier then usual to have plenty of time to play with Smoky and feed him before I had to put him in the bathroom for the whole day (which I was feeling really guilty for). Five minutes before I had to leave I sat down on the rug to play and felt something wet on my leg. I HAD SAT RIGHT SMACK DAB IN A PILE OF POOP. I cloroxed my leg, changed scrubbs and put Smoky in the bathroom and left for work (with a sigh of relief, no longer guilty)!!

Well, what a difference a week has made. He now has very few poop accidents inside, YAY (we take him outside very frequently). He's definatley settling in and I'm learning. My Mom had to teach me that when he woke up at 1:30 or 2a he was hungry (no wonder he wouldn't stop crying and go back to sleep). Needless to say "lightbulb moment" for sure, Duh! Now, he is sleeping all night (9:30p-4:30a) till Brent gets up and I feed him and he goes back to sleep till 7a when I wake up.

Lucky for our future kids....we got a dog first!!

Fiesty little pup, loves his toys
(notice the duck, he's gotta know where his roots are)

Pup and Dad (Brent thinking, I'm too tired for this, go get your mom)!

When he's the sweetest..


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