Friday, April 24, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Brent and I are headed to Nashville tonight and flying out tomorrow morning at 11 for Mexico. We are both so excited and ready for a vaca! Brent commented the other night about how I have been more excited about this trip than our honeymoon....and I started thinking....and it's true, I am more excited and have been giddy for a whole week thinking about sitting on the beach with a tropical drink in my hand....and it's because I'm not stressed about a wedding, hehe.

Anyways, please say a prayer for us as we travel.

Lots of posts to about 9 days!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Flop 2009

No pun intended, hehe!! Brent wasn't on call today....but he had to round this morning, and didn't leave the hospital till noon. I/We had fully expected to get to go to church together, even if it meant Brent had to meet me there in his scrubs....but I found out at 10:40 (driving towards church) that I would be going "solo" as Brent put it. Well....I should have just made plans to go with other people...for events like this, but I really wanted to go to my favorite church in town, Church Street United Methodist Church (it is gorgeous, traditional, large, and has a great choir among other things).

I really do not like going to church by myself, I've done it on a few occasions....but come on, on is like family fest. I had two options at the time I found out #1 cry (I could feel the tears burning in the back of my eyes already) and I knew choosing this option would mean turning the car around and heading home, because my make up would have been ruined...and I definately wasn't showing up at church by MYSELF like that!! #2 Suck it up, deep breath and keep driving.

I'm proud/happy to say I chose #2 and represented our little family there at church. It was so funny (and annoying), because everytime I would start to pray for Brent it would make tears well up in my he got a lot of little prayers this morning and the long sentimental prayer will have to wait till tonight!

Anyways, sorry to be downer...Can you tell I am being a little dramatic!! I'm going to stop now and tell you the GOOD NEWS cause there is LOTS of it....

#1 The Easter Bunny came (I really think Brent was a little surprised)

#2 Enjoyed a beautiful lunch with the Jones' by the river after church.

#3 Brent got a much needed nap.


Love, The Hardins

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day at the soccer field...

I know everyone is pretty shocked, well--at least all my Ole Miss Soccer friends (including myself, I had definately considered myself retired after a great college career (left me TIRED) and then tearing my ACL)....but yes, I've been playing soccer since we moved to Knoxville back in June. TWO TIMES A WEEK, whoa!! It started out as a favor to Brent (LONG STORY) and was suppose to last one season....but now I can't quit! I play indoor on Wednesday nights and full field on Sunday afternoons. Both co-ed. We are really not that good---So far, this season we are 0-0-2, but it feels really good to be that competitive again! Here are some pictures from last Sunday, perfect soccer weather...

Me and Fernando (gen. surgeon works w/Brent)


This is me after some guy slid into me..cleats up. Killed my shin, so I had to limp off and take a break. I was so mad---and yes, I told him exactly what he had done. The guy was like 6`4 from the Caribean....and he said, "no, no, it was the side of my foot." Again, I told him he was wrong and that he came in cleats up! I actually made him feel bad and he even came up to me after the game and apologized again....and then I felt bad!! But here is proof.....This is not from the side of his foot....looks something like a cleat mark!!

This has turned into a "cankle"---lovely!