Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Flop 2009

No pun intended, hehe!! Brent wasn't on call today....but he had to round this morning, and didn't leave the hospital till noon. I/We had fully expected to get to go to church together, even if it meant Brent had to meet me there in his scrubs....but I found out at 10:40 (driving towards church) that I would be going "solo" as Brent put it. Well....I should have just made plans to go with other people...for events like this, but I really wanted to go to my favorite church in town, Church Street United Methodist Church (it is gorgeous, traditional, large, and has a great choir among other things).

I really do not like going to church by myself, I've done it on a few occasions....but come on, on is like family fest. I had two options at the time I found out #1 cry (I could feel the tears burning in the back of my eyes already) and I knew choosing this option would mean turning the car around and heading home, because my make up would have been ruined...and I definately wasn't showing up at church by MYSELF like that!! #2 Suck it up, deep breath and keep driving.

I'm proud/happy to say I chose #2 and represented our little family there at church. It was so funny (and annoying), because everytime I would start to pray for Brent it would make tears well up in my he got a lot of little prayers this morning and the long sentimental prayer will have to wait till tonight!

Anyways, sorry to be downer...Can you tell I am being a little dramatic!! I'm going to stop now and tell you the GOOD NEWS cause there is LOTS of it....

#1 The Easter Bunny came (I really think Brent was a little surprised)

#2 Enjoyed a beautiful lunch with the Jones' by the river after church.

#3 Brent got a much needed nap.


Love, The Hardins

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reed said...

Ramey, i totally feel sorry with and for you..reed was post-call on sunday morning. i knew there was no way he would make church, but he showed up a little ways into the service. i almost cried. just wanted to say hang in there-we wont be here forever. love seeing all the pics and reading your updates. we miss yall!! love, caroline hogan