Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This is an island right off the coast of Cancun (20 min ferry ride): and it is truly a best kept little secret. Our trip was the perfect balance of rest/relaxation and exploring a new country. The trip included fresh seafood everynight, most of the time with the sand between our toes. We rented a golf cart one day and rode all over the island and went snorkeling. The last day we went deep sea fishing and Brent caught a baracooda (sp?) and when we got back to land the captain proceeded to clean it on the dock and we ate it 30 minutes later for lunch. It was good! Also, they had a sailboat race that started in Tampa and ended in Isla on Tuesday. It was really neat and we got to hang out with some of the boaters and hear their stories. I have to say, that is a totally different crowd/lifestyle than our own. So neat....but not for me! There was really no mention of the swine flu while we were there and the only way we knew about it was thru the internet which we checked most nights. We also had no trouble flying back; the only thing out of the ordinary was they made you fill out a scrap piece of paper in Cancun with a pencil asking you if you have had any of the named symptoms...none here! And as far as drug lords....I didn't see any and felt 100% safe!

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