Monday, May 4, 2009

One Year!! part I

Yesterday (May 3, 2009), Brent and I celebrated one year of marriage....woohoo! And boy has it flown by, neither of us can believe its already been a year.
So, I wanted to take the time and write about both the engagement and wedding....because sometimes Brent will say something or I randomly have those "oh yeah" moments in regards to both the engagement and wedding....and its only been a this rate in 50 years I will be lucky to remember the date, much less some of the details!!
I'm pretty sure it was January 8, 2008 when Brent proposed (i'll confirm the date). I was working a weird shift @ UMC from 12 noon to midnight (learning from a preceptor, Marty). Brent had dropped me off that morning and was going to pick me back up at midnight. Well, Marty was letting me go home at 10p, so I called Brent around 9:15 and told him to be there at 10p. I called him again at 9:45 and he said he was just getting out of the shower and would be right there (I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE, all of the above is normal, not anything out of the it was like a random Wednesday or Tuesday!?).
Well, Marty and I went outside at 10...fifteen minutes later I called Brent who said he was almost there. Fifteen minutes later I called Brent again...and he said he was almost there. I said hurry! Ten minutes later I told Marty to go ahead and go...cause Brent should be here any minute. Brent finally got there, and I was kind of annoyed, but not really (normally, I probably would have let him know I was annoyed, but for some reason that night I didn't).
The first thing I noticed was that Brent was wearing a button up shirt with jeans. This was a little weird since I just figured he would be in scrub pants and a t-shirt since he had just taken a shower earlier. I definately was like WHY are you wearing that shirt? He just said he didn't know and thought maybe I would want to stop and get something to eat or get a drink? It was like 10:30p and I was like no. ( I STILL HAD NO CLUE). So, Brent just said okay and we head towards his house (or really his roomate's Bob's house). When we get there I realize both of the doors are shut into the den (i'm not going to explain the layout) but this was weird....I honestly was thinking that Brent had cooked dinner and had it set up with candles behind the door.....AND I WAS THINKING...I'm really not hungry at all and don't want to eat a big meal at 10pm. Well, as soon as I opened the door I saw a path of rose petals and candles....I all the sudden got major butterflies in my stomach, and I rounded the corner and Brent was on his knees (not one, but both) with a ring asking will you marry me. I literally froze, my jaw was on the floor and then I started unloading my arms, because I still had all my work stuff and bag around my shoulder....finally, I headed over to Brent and got on my knees hugged and kissed him....said yes, and then wanted to look at the ring!! He cried just a little bit, but I was way to excited and couldn't keep the smile off my face! We shared a glass of champagne and then I started calling people!! It was late, so I really couldn't talk too long to any one person....just the exciting news and I would call back!
I was definately totally surprised. I had been hoping it was coming...and had almost given up hope on even that....and if it were coming I just thought it would be on a weekend after dinner or something.
It was perfect!
Whew, long post.....and in the middle of all this I have been cleaning up Smoky's puke for the past hour. I don't know what is wrong with him...I just picked him up from the vet this morning (he stayed there the long 9 days we were gone) and he has been fine all day. He's asleep now, so I'm hoping we can wait till 8am so we can just go back to the vet and not some Emerg. clinic.
Isla pictures are coming soon. We had a great time....and we feel fine...NO SWINE FLU HERE!!

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