Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Part II

The wedding...
I have never been that little girl who dreamed of a fairy tale wedding....big white dress, all eyes on me, flowers, or any of those things. I did dream of being a wife and mother, but actually dreaded the wedding part!
I'm actually going to keep this quick, because I can actually remember every detail of the wedding weekend...and we have tons of pictures and keepsakes. It was truly the most amazing day ever and both Brent and I had the best time. My favorite parts that really stand out:
Blue skies (had thunderstormed night before--like flooded)
String trio (provided the music for the wedding, loved it and created a great mood)
Flowers (Brent's mom and her friends did the greatest job ever and I have never loved flowers as much as my wedding)
Dr. Rusty Douglas
Trying not to laugh saying my vows (only because the first word I had to say echoed and surprised me--Dr. Douglas had told us to say them loud and proud so everyone could hear)
Walking up the stairs and seeing the University Club for the first time.
Mom fighting with the cake lady!
The band---Crackerjacks...thanks Jeff!
and mostly Friends and Family that were there to share it and make it the most memorable and special night of both of our lives. Thanks.
From the mouth of Brent....
Hanging out with friends at the rehersal
The wedding ceremony itself
Talking with family after the wedding
HAPPY ONE YEAR!! Definately looking forward to the nexts!!
Smoky update: A day at the vet and $200 later...which included x-rays, iv fluids, and meds....Smoky is back to his normal, pesky self...I think.

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