Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shout OUT!!

To my awesome and talented neighbor, Margaret....YEAH, SHE'S THE AUTHOR....of this novel. How cool is that----AND HER BOOK IS GREAT!!

Of course, I've never been in this situation before (living next to a bonifide author and all) and its really funny/silly now, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to start reading her book ---- what if I didn't like it ---- #1-I would have had to painstakingly finish it (out of some weird neighbor obligation feeling). #2-I would have had to forever lie and be fake for the rest of our lives (because of course I would have told her it was good)!! --BUT, NO WORRIES....IT WAS GREAT!!

So, If you are looking for a good book to read this summer--I have to recommend this one. I won't do a book report right now....but it's just a really good story of a girl, Delores, with NASA (launches, astronaunts, etc) as the backdrop (it's a fiction book, but the space part is factual...and you might just learn something). It's one of those books you look forward to reading at night and when you get close to the stay up way too late that one night just to finish it because you're almost there!!

Finally, in the spirit of Shout outs.....I have to mention that she's married to an equally awesome and talented guy. Off subject: but he makes the best margarita martini and can do about any home improvement project ever!! And they have the most precious little boy.

So, go get you a copy and start reading. And then....if you have any questions during or after reading, just send them my way and I'll get them answered, by the author herself!! Again, HOW COOL IS THAT!

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MLD said...


You could have lied and just said "loved the book"! ; )