Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's that time again..

To begin a new calender. If that doesn't make sense (not Jan. 1st)...I use an academic calender and it has to be a specific one (I'm very picky and it doesn't change)---the Weekly At-a-Glance (I had to go to the UT bookstore today--to get the "right" one). Does anyone else just LOVE starting a new calender? I absolutely love it. I LOVE going through the old one....transferring all birthdays, anniversaries, holidays to their new spot in the next year. It's basically a time of reflection of everything we've done in the last year. And the same time....looking forward to all the things you are putting in the new calender/next year. I mean, I was looking forward to my birthday in November as I was writing it down today. I wonder what we will do?!?!?! My calender is the only way I remember birthdays, appts, etc. It doesn't ever leave the house, but I "glance" at it often throughout the week. I have consistently kept a calender since like the 7th grade and have LOVED this feeling since way back then. Anyways, this may be weird, but it's definitely a highlight in my life and I thought I would share!! I'll refrain from the Happy New Year!

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