Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mazel Tov!!

Brent and I went to Dallas, TX over the 4th holiday weekend for Annie and Scott's wedding. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton (my first time ever) and needless to say we lived like the rich and famous from Friday 3pm to Sunday 3pm.

The Boys...on the way to the rehearsal dinner.

Their hot dates for the evening!!

Paul and Mamie aka our roomates

Saturday, we spent the day sunning and drinking. Mamie and I even took a little break and enjoyed the Ritz's spa and I got the best massage I have ever had!!

Best Buds!

Group shot.

I think this next picture is hysterical. Can you tell who's responsible for bringing the drinks...and that person is of course bombarded by our group. Don't feel bad for him though, they had like a $3 service charge on all the drinks that were already like $12 a piece! Then...there is the couple on the left making out....get a room(we didn't know these people)!

On to the wedding. These pictures don't do it justice, but it was the most over the top, nicest wedding I have ever been to. Here are just a couple of pictures, but they don't do it justice.

This was the "ice bar" during the cocktail hour after the ceremony.

The center pieces were unreal...

My place setting..."Good Evening Ramey Hardin"....Get ready for the five course meal to follow...served to you by people in white gloves with ear pieces in!!! :-)

My Love...

Roomate shot....I think we should continue this tradition, even when we are so rich we can afford our own room for the weekend!!

Some of the festivities...

Lots of dancing...

Getting late...

Later...almost time to go home!

We had the best time!! And are so excited for Annie and Scott...MAZEL TOV!! Monday morning was back to reality!!

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