Sunday, July 19, 2009


Turned 6 mths old today.....well, there is a little discrepancy because I thought he was born on Jan. 18th (that's when the guy emailed me to say they were born) but the paper he gave us when we picked Smoky up says Jan. 19th...SO, I'll just go with the 19th since that is when the vet is (although I think he just forgot/didn't care/messed up).
A man's best friend. I now usually go on 2 walks a day--I've met probably 3/4ths of our neighborhood---and made some new friends that otherwise I would not have. I love taking him to parks and rivers to play. I love knowing he is sleeping right outside our bedroom door. And he is SO STINKING CUTE.
Also got to mention...Puppies are a lot of work. Poop and Pee cleaning. If its raining or wet outside, it comes in the it's either give the dog a bath or clean the floors and couch....usually both! And of course, it's been really rainy here in Knoxville this Spring. I always have to get up by 7:15 to take the dog out. On numerous occasions, I have had to chase the little booger down the street barefoot in my pajamas (never happy when this happens) Not to mention the money....he's like a pit!! I think this might be our one and only puppy, seriously!
We really do love this little guy. He is so funny and smart. He loves the water, is pretty much completely house broken (hallelujah), can fetch and did I mention he is SO STINKING CUTE!!
I think you are getting neutered.....SURPRISE!!!

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