Thursday, August 13, 2009

about 1400 miles later

I just got back last night from Mississippi!! I spent the first night (last Friday) in Birmingham with Erin...who is newly engaged, by the way! So fun!! Then headed to Meridian on Saturday and hung out with Jules (best friend award...she drove to Meridian from Jackson....had not seen her since my wedding)! Also got to spend time with Dad, Jill, Lil Lowry, Joyce and Neva before heading to Newton, MS to meet my Mom, aunts and grandmother for a wedding. We didn't stay long at the reception and headed to Philadelphia for a little gambling!! Unfortunately, I didn't win a million or even forty dollars.

We spent the night at the casino and then went to Hattiesburg, Sunday-Wednesday, then I made the 71/2 hour trip back to my home and hubby.

It was such a wonderful trip and so good to see everyone. I was a little homesick, considering its been since Christmas since I had been back. I'm cured now, but definitely don't need to go that long again without some family time.

Other news on the home front....
I got my first ever ticket-----some camera caught me running a red light a couple weeks ago (it was one of those, hit the gas kind of things). And I know exactly when it happened, can't deny it. I'm just hoping two more don't come in the mail, because I know the same thing happened two other times the same day. I don't think the ticket goes on your record, but I'll have to investigate (like I's my first ever ticket).

We got some trees cut down today in our yard, hopefully we can do a little landscaping this weekend...because our house is looking a little shabby with no "woods" in front.

Anyways, good to be home and sleep in my bed. More posts to come, once I get caught up on some sleep, cleaning and laundry!!


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Laura said...

I just remembered to check your blog. I have not checked it in forever! Everything is so cute. John was in Hattiesburg last week too! You two could have seen each other! Oh well, talk to you soon!