Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thought I'd Share...

These two blogs that I have come across. These are two amazing, (for lack of better word)women. Who are also mothers and wives, but most importantly Christians. Their stories are truly inspiring and a tremendous witness to Christ's love and his unending mercy.

The first is Katherine Wolf's blog at Forgive me if the details aren't completely accurate, but a little over a year ago at the age of 26 she suffered an AVM (arterial venous malformation---very rare, but probably congenital) rupture. You will have to read her story, because the fact that she is still here is unbelievable...her husband happened to come home during lunch when it happened, it took a 16 hour emergency surgery to save her life. Her son was 6 months when it happened. Now she is in the process of healing, many cranial nerves were damaged. They are out in CA, but actually have MS and AL ties! I could go on and on, but just click and go read for yourself!

The second is Stephanie Neilson's blog at It was actually recommended by Katherine. She was already a blogger before the accident and then a year ago her husband and her were in a small plane crash. She was badly burned and in a coma for like 3 months. She has 4 kids. She is very vintage and I love her writing style. She just recently put the first picture of her up since her accident. I recommend starting (by annoyingly scrolling down and clicking older post over and over until you get to about a year ago) towards the beginning. But you don't have to go to the weird extremes as I do to appreciate!

Both of their husbands are also worth mentioning as they are just as amazing as their wives. Steadfastly standing beside their wives as they fight for their life and then continue to go through the daily struggles of healing. Both blogs are truly love stories.

Be might lose a tear or two!

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