Monday, November 16, 2009


In honor of my 27th, I thought I would tell you 27 random things about myself (I'll try to keep them somewhat interesting)

1--I love this stage in life...young, married, working, etc.

2--I had buck teeth when I was little....seriously! First (of two) set of braces in the 3rd grade and had to wear a "headgear" at night.

3--Had to go to speech therapy when I was little because I couldn't say my "r"s. There by making my name, wamey wush! When the teacher told my mom I needed speech therapy, she responded, "but it's so cute"

4--Played soccer at Ole Miss for 4 years. A big sacrifice in the way of your "typical" college experience---but so worth it. Had my "normal" college experience in Nursing school.

5--Tore my ACL 1 week before preseason my senior year at Ole Miss. Played in two games that year WITHOUT my ACL...then got it fixed. Before that had started every game my first three years.

6--Rehab after ACL surgery SUCKS!! I hated every minute of it, but am very thankful for it now.

7--I always had a feeling I was going to marry a doctor.

8--One of my favorite childhood memories was watching "Rescue 911" on Tuesday nights as a family. Also, because of this show, I wanted to be a trauma surgeon when I grew up. This idea evolved into a nurse!

9--I want at least 4 kids.

10--I love fruity gum. Old school, like bubbalicious.

11--I do NOT iron. I don't know how to, I don't own an ironing board. I fold clothes when they are warm!

12--Love me some country music.

13--I NEED a new car. My front passenger side leaks thus soaking the floor mat every time it rains. My driver side door doesn't open from the inside thus requiring you to roll down the the door...roll back up the window...and then turn off the car. It has 177,000 and almost 13 years old.

14--I have this weird fingernail and toenail thing....and I notice every one's. There's a certain type I like more than others. I won't go into any more details (I know this is very weird)! Brent's are both perfect!!

15--Carrying on from the last one...I don't like other people's feet. If your toes are touching me...move them please...quick!!

16--I want to learn to sew.

17--My first car was my Dad's hunting truck...a.... 1989 GMC Jimmy, 2 door, diesel engine, with a wench. My friends and I actually enjoyed it very much!

18--I love cooking and feeding people.

19--I was definitely a tom boy growing up and a daddy's girl.

20--I have never personally met another "Ramey"

21--The last movie I went to see in the theater was A Time Traveler's Wife. I thought it was very boring. No, I have not read the book.

22--I stopped believing in Santa around the age of 7 based off the fact that my presents had UPC codes and therefore were obviously not made by elves at the North Pole (but rather came from Walmart, etc). This was not traumatic nor did I even acknowledge the fact to my parents.

23--I love to sleep and can pretty much go to sleep whenever I want.

24--My first "french" kiss was on Whitney's front porch on my birthday...I think I was either 13 or 14. His name was Donnie Weaver.

25--Nicknames include: Rames, Rainbow, Ro-Ma-O, Boo-ray.

26--My dream car is a Toyota Sequoia. I also dream of either an Acura or Volvo SUV. HINT, HINT, BRENT!!

27--I love Birthdays. I think they are very special.

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