Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So, We Won't Be Home for Christmas

I know most people already know.....but, this is blogworthy. Teardrop, teardrop seriously!! This will be a first in all my 27 years.

Brent's on call---and instead of complaining----I have to admit that I am thankful for this urology program....and we really have it much better than most.

So, what am I going to do to keep these tears at bay???

I'm planning a big meal....FOOD, you can't go wrong, food helps everything!! And I think we will have this meal on Christmas eve (I've heard that Christmas eve is a lot quieter in regards to Brent being "on call" and then people/patients start calling on Christmas day). If you're in town, you're invited! Tentatively...

Christmas Menu
Ham (I have a gift certificate to honey baked ham)
sweet potato casserole
broccoli salad
green beans (probably casserole)
brown rice
red velvet cake (never attempted, but its festive)
Chocolate Pie

I hope more people can come after typing that out!!! But hey, I'm trying not to have many expectations and even if its just the two of us....all that cooking should keep me busy!!

On Christmas morning, Brent will have to go in to the hospital (but I don't mind sleeping in), and he should be done by lunch. I'm picturing leftovers for lunch (see above), presents under the tree, and maybe a good ole nap. Then rent a movie for the night or go to the theater (we have still yet to see Blindside). Better yet, watch all those movies that come on TV all day and night!!

I'm actually kind of excited about this! Could potentially be VERY SPECIAL!!

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