Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For the Record!

I just want to document the fact: that for the year of 2009

According to numbers...

I, Ramey Hardin, am the TOP BREADWINNER of our family

By a whopping $286.82

Now this by no means reflects how hard one or the other works. In fact, the above fact is really quite amusing.

To put things into a "little" perspective...
I work on average 32 hrs a week/4days (scheduling, talking to insurance companies...oh the joys of a clinic nurse!!)
Brent averages 65 hours a week/5.5 days a week (saving lives, curing cancer)

1 comment:

The Easleys said...

Ramey don't brag...just be glad Brent is puttin' in all those long hours, so one day you can scale back to 16 hours a month like me!!!