Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Snowfield" Road 2010

We have spent the weekend bunkered up in the house...or neighbors' houses....or all bundled up searching for the best sledding hill enjoying the 2 inches of snow and ice we got Friday night.

I love our neighborhood and neighbors (that is a whole separate post in itself). Anyway, we like to take andvantage of every opportunity to get together and hang out. So, when forcasters began predicting a "winter storm"....what better excuse?! Please enjoy the email that circulated starting around 10:30a Friday...

Hey neighbors!
If we get snow this weekend and it sticks on roads (as predicted-- but you never know with Knoxville weather) Erinn and I went home and got our "radio flyer" sleds. We should all go out and play and have some beers and hot drinks tomorrow in the 'hood. Elliot and Mary Carlyle would love to be bundled up and build snow men I'm sure. Just sounded neighborly. Dixie will play in the snow too. It kinda freaks her out at first and then she loves it.

Enjoy Friday.

I think that is a great idea. Unfortunately Colleen and I are trying to split out of town for the weekend. If Tyson McGee is snowed in then you can count us in for Snowfield 2010.


Sounds great, but Meg and I have invited 170 people to a kegger at the Martins' this weekend. Of course, if McGee Tyson shuts down, we'll have to make alternate arrangements. Also, I intend to be drunk and "playing" on Fairfield regardless of weather conditions. David
I am invisioning a prelude to the winter olympics this weekend..."hood style. Loving the "Snowfield 2010" name. We must make t-shirts. Events like, snowball fighting, 40 yd skate, homemade icecream eating contests ect. Open to all ideas. I was excited to see David and Meg already invited 170 ppl to the Martin's...a good crowd to watch me be victorious in the radio flier sledding competition!


Did you know that we recently moved to 809 Fairfield Rd? Our do is always open no pants required. Chad
and if we get ice instead we can have pairs figure skating. extra points for the tightest pants. Chris

Without further adieu....a few pictures (they are definitely not the best, but will serve as great reminders in 30+ years!)....

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