Thursday, February 11, 2010

Funny looking

I dropped Smoky off at Petsmart last Saturday morning and when I went back to pick him up; the lady that gave him a haircut and the manager were waiting for me. Not a good sign...

So basically, Smoky was not liking his haircut the whole time, But then the lady CUT his ear with the shears--then Smoky BIT her, like drew blood from her hand. Oh, and then he POOPED and PEED on her/table. They had to put a muzzle on him and take him to the vet... Who had to glue the "flap" back together.

I was horrified. A combination of embarrassment that my dog had BITTEN someone and mad-sad that Smoky was obviously traumatized to death (if he pooped and peed on the table).

All this was being told to me in front of everyone (and let me just say: Saturday around 2 at Petsmart in Knoxville is busy). It was awful and all I wanted to do was cry! The manager was trying to refund my money-- but literally I couldn't hang around a minute longer (or speak a sentence longer than 4 words) or I would have started bawling right then and there. Somehow we agreed that my next visit would be free and then we bolted.

Well, For all the above reasons they didn't finish grooming him. The end result is a VERY funny looking dog....

Pretty funny looking, huh?!?

I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole ordeal.....

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The Square Cupboard said...

oh no!!! Ramey!! I took Jack to petsmart in brandon - he ended up looking like that, too! AND, IT COST ME $48!!