Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Randomness...

Reasons for Randomness:
#1 Those 80s pictures are pretty hideous...and the more I see them the uglier they get, haha. So, finally a post to move those bad boys down!!
#2 Brent got my computer cord "spliced" back to life! Thank you darling.

Now for the randomness...

I'm ready for February to be over. It has hardly been the month of love around here, haha!! Brent has been on the Transplant service this month...and it is busy. He is on call 24/7 Monday-Saturday. This has meant, on average about 2-3 calls throughout the night...leading to some tired days and a little bit of grouchiness (mostly on my part).

This leads me to another subject: Does anybody else's husband SNOOZE in the morning? Argg....I've personally never been a snoozer. I like to set my alarm for the latest possible time and then when it goes off...immediately jump up. Anyways, Brent snoozes...alot...and it drives me nuts!! I can never get back to sleep between snoozes, because I'm worried he will oversleep or something. I have literally kicked him out of bed before! My heart rate is rising just thinking about it. Put that on top of this TRANSPLANT month....and 3 nights ago Brent and I had to have a little heart to heart about this whole snooze thing. Happy news, Brent hasn't snoozed the last 2 mornings....and really it has made a big difference in my days :-)

Okay, I guess that's enough about snoozing!!

TV update: I have already become addicted to American Idol. I think its going to be a great season, and I might even vote this year!! Did the Bachelor really choose Vienna to be in the top two? Come on now. Also, I thoroughly enjoy the Duggers. You have to love them (I do hope they don't have anymore that bad?). I haven't been able to get into the Olympics this year...I don't know why? I've watched a little downhill skiing and snowboarding. I remember growing up, crawling up in bed with my Mom and watching the Olympics every night. Especially loved the pairs figure skating, not so much this year though?!?

Ummm, my little brother got married last weekend. I can't say much about that, but please just say a prayer for his little family (that sounds so weird). And you might be so kind as to throw my name in there too, because Lord knows (literally)I need a little peace about this :-)

Looking forward to March....we are going to MIAMI for 5 days, booyah (Post to come)! Also heading to Gulf Shores for Erin's Bachelorette party in March...Watch out Florabama (post to come, haha)!! Speaking of vacations, the one I am most looking forward to is the one in SEATTLE (with my cousin and her hubby, couples trip, whoop whoop)to visit our GREAT uncle and family (a boat trip is already in the works)...let me just say SUPER EXCITED (and that will be an amazing post I know)!!

Whew, thank you blog...that was quite therapuetic!!

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Caroline said...

1. reed says he snoozes a ton, but i never hear it. but, i am truly sorry
2. i cant stand vienna sausage either. seriously? what the heck?
3. will def be praying for your fam!!