Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Miami...

We went to Miami for the Southeastern Section of the American Urologic Association meeting March 10-14.  I just tagged along...and let me tell you it was the most relaxing vacation I've had in a long while.  Since Brent had to attend conference most days (or go golfing) I was free to sleep in, watch the today show in the king size bed, drink my perfect cup of coffee, and then mosey down to the lobby around noon to meet Mary Katherine for lunch/sun/shopping etc.  We would meet back up with the boys around 5, get dressed up to go to a great dinner and then do it all again the next day!!  Doesn't get much better than that in my book!! 
Our Hotel-Loews
Our view from the room
The Pool
Doctors Joe Mobley, Adam Stewart, Brent Hardin, Wes White
Fell in love with this little wonder (perfect cup of coffee)!
The infamous "belly button" shot
We thought it was hysterical!
The Final Result...with all the Docs
This is to prove that they did indeed attend conference every day.
The best appetizer EVER at Quinns (the best restaurant we thought) 
At Madonna's hotel...a little late in the evening (love this pic)
This was another night....after dinner.
The Real Houswives of Miami...Stay tuned (they showed up and were filming where we were eating dinner one night)  John was able to get a picture before he was told by the film crew to leave!
Couple shot on South Beach...Hardins and Stewarts

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