Saturday, April 10, 2010


We drove to Hattiesburg for Easter.  

We stopped in Birmingham Thursday night---and made it to Meridian early FRIDAY for lunch (thanks dad) and some QT with the Rush side of the family!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show for this.

We got to Hattiesburg around two for some shopping and
then were treated to a fabulous steak dinner by my grandparents that night, thanks Tricia and Pappy!

After dinner we went to Mom's and sat around in a circle, like this.....
Believe me when I say, There is nothing better!!

These are just some interesting facts I learned from the night worth documenting...

*My Mom went into labor with me at the restuarant we ate at this night....(Conastoga)
*You know those colored chicks you can buy around Easter...Well, if you find them dead and they are all stretched out---it was a heart attack.  If they are all curled up--they died of hypothermia!
*Tricia and Pappy once owned their own steak house with the Stamps...The Stampeed (a piece of pie was 15 cents).
*"Four Queens is a pretty good poker hand" was the quote from Pappy when the doctor predicted their fourth child was also going to be girl (based on the heart rate)....The fourth queen ended up being my Uncle Charlie!!

Hope everyone had a GOOD FRIDAY and a Happy Easter!

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