Monday, May 24, 2010

A whole lot of Nothing=Blog funk!

So, we have been super busy....and at the same time, I feel like we haven't done anything.  Maybe it's because I have no fun, new pictures to show you.  Or maybe it's because we haven't taken any week long vacations to somewhere fantastic lately.

So here is my attempt to get over this blog funk (while my husband fishes) with
Some things that make me smile (right now Brent is not one of them because I think he should have come to my last soccer game, arghh.  I know, a bit dramatic, but please allow a girl a pity party every once in a while and I promise to get over it fairly quickly)  OKAY, NOW FOR SOME SMILES...

Best Summer Time Beer Ever!

Test drove this little machine on Saturday...can't wait till she's mine!

Bought our tickets to Seattle...and its a non-stop flight!

This picture...after Erin's wedding.

***Girls trip to Nashville w/ Laura, Mags and Elena
***All my PREGO friends and the babies to come
***, check it out
***Westwood :-)

Thank you blog, I'm over it! 

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