Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poor Birdie

The other week I was taking all the ferns down to put in the front yard because it was about to rain...and found the cutest little birdie....of course, I run inside to get my camera for the awesome photo op. 

Isn't he precious!!
In the meantime, Brent comes home....realizes what's going on and calmly states:

B:  you know his mamma's not going to come back to take care of him now?
R:  huh?  whatever, come look.

One minute later (as I'm snapping pictures) it hits me like a ton of bricks and somewhere from the depths of my childhood I do vaguely remember something about--if you mess with a baby bird, the mom won't come back to feed it.....ohhh, oh my, oh no, oops.

R:  BRENT, put these back up there, HURRY.

and he did (I heart him)....

Is anybody else familiar with this rule or know how true it is?  I mean--this to me--was just one of those things Moms told their kids because they didn't want them to touch dirty animals carrying who knows what diseases.  But I can't be positive.

I have not had the heart to look (nor am I going to) and see what happened to that poor birdie.  I mean, I didn't actually touch maybe it doesn't count?!

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Elissa said...

Hey Ramey! Just had a chance to get on your is so CUTE! Love it, you've done such a good job. Thank you thank you for having us over last night for our girls night out. It was so much fun!!!