Tuesday, September 28, 2010

13-14 weeks

I had an appointment today and everything looked good.

Weight gain?  Per the doctor..I am back at "pre-pregnancy weight." (I had lost 2lbs between the first and second appointment).  I'm actually shocked, I feel like I have gained at least 5lbs.  Anyway, my stomach is definitely beginning to pouch out (my Mom, Dad and Aunt Marcy can all attest to this--since they assured me they could tell I was pregnant)!

Maternity clothes? Not yet...but things are getting tight!

Sleep? No problem...can't get enough.

Movement? Nope.

Food cravings?  Banana splits,  yum.  Not necessarily  cravings...but have been eating a lot of cereal and cheese toast.

What I miss?  COFFEE, and it's not because I have given up caffeine.  Seriously, this has been the worst part of pregnancy for me....I have developed an aversion to coffee.   I love(d) coffee...I NEED coffee.  I'm hoping with the colder months coming it will come back.  If not, I'm seriously going to be mad.

What I am looking forward to? Finding out if its a Boy or Girl.  I can't wait.

Other thoughts.  I'm having flu vaccine remorse.  I got one today after my appointment once I got the official okay from the doctor.  Now, I'm worried that maybe it will give our baby autism.  Loving the cooler weather.  Also, looking forward to a visit from The Hardins next weekend!

my "3" stands for 3 months 


The Easleys said...

I figured out with Taylor that if the heartrate was over 150 then it was a boy...Both mine had HR of 130-140 and they were girls, you should plst your baby's HR....Oh, and I am so excited for you and Brent!

RichardandKatie said...

You look so cute!

Elissa said...

I love love coffee, but HATED coffee while pregnant. See you soon!