Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before I post about Seattle...

Brent and I wanted to announce....

We are having a baby!!
I am 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant as of today

Little Baby Hardin is due March 25, 2011.

We couldn't be more  excited!!
I have been feeling really good, almost normal, for the past two weeks.  The first ten weeks were a bit tougher---I was extremely exhausted...I'm talking, going to bed while the sun was still shining (people were mowing their grass).  If I wouldn't have been pregnant I would have sworn I had cancer.  It reminded me of my sophomore year of college when I had mono except without the fever and sore throat.  I also had some nausea, but never really threw up.  That was about the extent of it....and yes, I do realize that I am extremely lucky blessed and I am so incredibly thankful for 
#1   an "easy" pregnancy thus far 
#2    just the ability to get pregnant so easily.

Some important dates:
7/16/10--positive pregnancy tests ~ does anyone just take one?

8/3/10--went in for a "sneak peek" (just a small perk of knowing your OB) confirm we were pregnant!! Heart rate was 120.

8/17/10 (8wks4days)--first official "New Mom" appointment.  I forgot to upload the pictures.  Heart rate was 177 and looking good. 

8/31/10 (10wks4days)--Return appt for blood work, etc.  Heart rate 164.
Again, we are super is finally sinking in that we are actually going to have a baby and be parents!  Please remember us in your prayers for a continued healthy and happy  pregnancy.


The Easleys said...

I am so excited for you!!!!!...I can't wait to see pictures...Congradulations!

Elissa said...

Woowhoo!!! Congratulations again! Soon you'll be in the pushing the stroller club. :-)

Sarah Nell said...

Congratulations Ramey and Brent! We are so excited for yall! Yall will be in our prayers!

Sarah Nell

Paul, Mamie, Bailey and Garrett Kosko said...

We are so excited about baby Hardin! Congratulations!