Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Wintry Week

and I'm loving it....

Monday morning we woke up to this

Couldn't get to work till around 10am.

Tuesday--snow on the ground
Wednesday--snow on the ground, sort of raining when we went to bed

Thursday (today) woke up to ice.  I mean, like a thick layer covering the roads.  I'm still at home. Brent slipped (literally) out of the neighborhood this morning and called to tell me I was not to be going any where this morning.  So be it!  I'm actually going to hitch a ride to work with a neighbor soon or just wait till around noon to go to work.  Things are in the process of melting....

So, since I have a little time and cleaning/laundry just doesn't sound fun...

I thought I would finally post about Thanksgiving. We spent it with Brent's side of the family in Greenwood/Carrollton.  We had a great time.    I am so thankful and grateful for the family I gained almost three years ago when I married Brent.  I am truly blessed and I just love them!  I only took these three pictures (besides our failed Christmas card attempt).

The next weekend, my Mom and Tom came to visit us.  We did a lot of shopping....mostly for Baby Hardin!  I got a few Christmas presents, some pictures to go in the nursery, got two pictures that my Mom cross-stiched before I was born that hung in my nursery custom framed (can't wait to see how they turned out--they won't be done until after Christmas---custom framing is expensive), we registered at Babies R Us (wow, there are a lot of things for baby...can we say overwhelming), and decorated for Christmas.  On that Sunday, we officially became members of Westminster Presbyterian Church here in Knoxville.  As for the boys, they spent a snowy day fishing in the mountains (supposedly they weren't too cold and it was BEAUTIFUL).
Love y'all.

Time is really flying...I can't believe it is the week before Christmas 

and Baby Hardin (I REALLY wish we had a name for the little guy, but it has turned into an ordeal...that's a post by itself) is due in just THREE months...holy moly!  

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