Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Baby (32 weeks)

We are gettting close!  Only 8 more weeks!

Here's what he's been up to...

and I truly love every bit of it.  
I love this part of pregnancy where you can actually feel his little body parts protruding through.  He loves to stick out his little booty on my right side which always gives me a weird feeling in my chest (I think it's because he's compressing my vena cava, Brent thinks I'm crazy) anyways, it sounds kind of scary but its not.  The other thing he is compressing is my bladder.  No joke, this kid is low.  However, I think he is in there good.  I'm not having any signs of labor, not even a contraction or two (that I know of) so that's good.

My Worry List:
*Daycare (I'm on a waiting list, but last time I checked I was # 25)
*Choosing a name (talk about an ongoing ordeal)
* Labor, really just the afterwards and the healing.  Epidural Please!
*Are we going to have everything we need?  Enough onesies, newborn gowns, bottles (will I even need bottles if I'm trying to breastfeed?)
*Breastfeeding (yes, I put this on here twice for a reason)

Don't Worry Be Happy Now!!

Last Sunday...
Baby Boy and I along with Megan Jones (she's due about 3 weeks before me) and her sweet, little girl were showered by UTRSA (resident spouse alliance).  We got some of the cutest clothes and also some much needed necessities.  It has been such a blessing to have these girls in my life.  They are people who know, understand, and can sympathize with all the good and bad that comes along with being married to a resident.  I hate that I did not get a group picture of everyone.

I loved all the blue and pink, so fun! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worst week ever!

So, it started last Thursday with a sniffle, sneeze, and slight sore throat. This turned into a full blown head cold, which really isn't the end of the world...except for the fact that I find it impossible to fall asleep if I can't breathe through my nose. I'm not exaggerating, mouth breathing is for the birds and I would rather have to mop and sweep 20 other people's houses (and clean their bathtubs) than try to fall asleep breathing through my mouth. One word, crusty!! I finally caved after 4 days of this and decided to take sudafed (md recommendation) and use Afrin (not so much recommended, but according to the Internet not harmful and with Brent's permission)at night.

And I thought that was bad....

Wednesday morning I woke up at 3:30 with upper abdominal pain followed by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea...and I can't breathe through my nose!! At 8am I called the OB and informed them I was on my death bed...just kidding, kind of! Anyway, they had me come in and of course I was I was sent over to labor and delivery triage where they gave me two bags of fluid and some meds. My labs were okay and after a couple hours I finally got to go home feeling a good bit better...just tired.

Luckily, been okay since. I think it was just some 24 hour bug. Several neighbors and co-workers have also gotten it (before me). Now, I just don't have the monstrous appetite I have recently had...but hey it's probably a good thing and the scale will thank me later.

I think it's safe to say...I'm on the mend and headed towards 100%. THANK GOD!! I finally got some good sleep last night and feel like a new person. Good thing, because there is much work to be done around here. I'm 30 weeks and 1 day today! That means only 9 weeks, 6 days till due date. Single digits, can you believe it!!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 7, 2011

these crazy...


I consider myself a pretty emotionally stable kind of person.  I don't cry a lot, maybe once every 4-5 months.  Though, I will say...I do enjoy a good cry.  There is something that is so invigorating (for lack of a better word) about a good cry.  And by "good cry" I mean lots tears, the runny/watery type snot, and a couple of sobs here and there.  It doesn't matter what the reason is for the good cry could be some sad news, hurt feelings, a good movie, or being pissed off....I enjoy (again, for lack of better word) the feeling after.  Is this weird?

Anyway, I've been rocking along this pregnancy all fine and dandy...actually not shedding any tears (have I mentioned we are thrilled/happy/ecstatic to be having this little one, so what's to cry about :-)...UNTIL, the last week or two...and in this last week or two I've probably cried 3 or 4 times over silly stuff things that I normally would not cry over.

For example;  Brent and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods the other day and I was trying on some Nike workout pants (they so happened to be BLACK) that had a cute/comfy/zipped over my belly/could wear even after pregnancy jacket (that so happened to be WHITE).  I was thinking awesome, this will give me something else to wear.  I walked out of the dressing room, which is smack dab in the middle of the store, wearing my "new" outfit to show Brent....
B:  NO
R:  Come again?
B:  NO, I don't like the jacket.
R:  Seriously, it's perfect.  Added a few of the reasons why it is so perfect.
B:  NO, its white.
R:  I happen to like black and white together....looks gooood.
B:  You will spill something on it and ruin it
R:  No I won't, I'm a grown up...I should be able to buy white things.
B:  You are about to be a new mom and get spit up on it and stuff.  NO
R:  But I want it
B:  NO, you cannot buy a white jacket.  Go look for another color.

I already knew there were no other colors in this jacket.  So, I just walked back into the dressing room, in the middle of Dicks, and started crying.   Silly huh?!

Riding to work the other morning I was listening to the radio and "If You're Reading This" by Tim McGraw came on......and the tears came.

I'm telling you these hormone things are crazy!

And because I'm the bigger person...I'll finish telling you my Dick's story.  After I pulled it together in the dressing room.  I checked out with JUST the pants and a red Gatorade (I was dying of thirst).  Halfway to the car, I noticed it.  Right in the middle of my white t-shirt, on top of my bump a dad gum about an inch long, red drip mark.  I am not shitting you.  I had somehow managed to spill my Gatorade before I even made it to the car.  Boy was that embarrassing.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny and Brent didn't say all the things he could have (or that I would have, had the situation been reversed).  No, he didn't even say "I told you so."  And we just laughed really we just smiled and went on---it really wasn't that funny still.

Nothing like crying over spilt milk!  And aren't the hormones suppose to be worse after you have the baby?!

(and sorry for all the punctuation marks....I definitely got a little carried away.  But, don't say anything to me about them because I MAY CRY....seriously!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28 weeks

Weight gain: around 16 lbs total.  

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  And loving my sweatpants and sweatshirts these days.

Sleep:  ummm, not the best...but I really can't complain.

Movement:  Yes.  I absolutely love it and would definitely say it's one of the top 3 things in life!

Food Cravings:  Sweets. and. Milk--I use to only buy the half gallon organic kind because it doesn't expire for months and Brent doesn't really drink any milk----now I buy it by the gallon, store brand and can finish it with days to spare before the expiration date.

What I Miss:  Nothing.

Looking forward to:  Finishing up the nursery and baby showers!  

Other Thoughts:  I'm loving the way the nursery is coming together and the new guest room (downstairs).  We've also been doing a lot of cleaning and cleaning out.  The people at Goodwill basically know my name because I've been dropping stuff off weekly!