Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28 weeks

Weight gain: around 16 lbs total.  

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  And loving my sweatpants and sweatshirts these days.

Sleep:  ummm, not the best...but I really can't complain.

Movement:  Yes.  I absolutely love it and would definitely say it's one of the top 3 things in life!

Food Cravings:  Sweets. and. Milk--I use to only buy the half gallon organic kind because it doesn't expire for months and Brent doesn't really drink any milk----now I buy it by the gallon, store brand and can finish it with days to spare before the expiration date.

What I Miss:  Nothing.

Looking forward to:  Finishing up the nursery and baby showers!  

Other Thoughts:  I'm loving the way the nursery is coming together and the new guest room (downstairs).  We've also been doing a lot of cleaning and cleaning out.  The people at Goodwill basically know my name because I've been dropping stuff off weekly!

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