Friday, February 11, 2011

34 wks

(I do realize this is a horrible picture of me...but I just wanted to keep it real!)

weight gain:  about 20 pounds (and a little more)

maternity clothes:  yes

sleep:   i get up to use the restroom anywhere between 3-5 times at night... then there's the trip to the kitchen for a drink of milk (maybe some bread) every other just rolling over is taking some effort these days!  between all that it's halfway decent.  still thanking Jesus I can breathe though my nose again!

movement:  less kicks and more stretching and squirming around.  love it. 

food cravings:  still nothing weird or out of the ordinary.

what I miss:  being able to walk without getting out of breath.  going to the tanning bed...kind of strange, but I'm almost translucent and a little sun kissed looked would make me feel so much better!

looking forward to:  meeting this little guy.  brent and I are getting so excited...

Toasting Baby Hardin w/ some tequila shots after the couple's shower last weekend...

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