Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Asheville, North Carolina

We headed over Saturday morning and toured the Biltmore.  Next, we explored downtown Asheville...and ended up in a paint your own pottery store (so fun) before heading to dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe.  It was a great little getaway just soaking up the time we have left, just the two of us.  Oh, how I love my man!!


Unfortunately, Brent was feeling a little under the weather Saturday night and into Sunday....and was whining about a sore throat, stuffy nose and body aches.  His loving and caring wife kept telling him, "you have a'll be fine, because I just had a cold that lasted about 8 days and I'm eight months pregnant."  Low and behold, Monday morning he went to work and tested positive for the stinking flu--Happy Valentine's to Me!  I thought I had escaped it since I still felt fine on Tuesday (my OB started me on Tamiflu), but the damage was done and on Thursday I was sure I had the flu but it instead was another, worse than before, head cold---the kind I can't breathe through my nose.  Seriously, I've been miserable and don't think I've whined this much my entire life.  Today's the first day I've felt a tad bit better....just in time to start the week!  I seriously hope I can stay well and enjoy this last month of pregnancy (I love being pregnant--just not pregnant with a cold) before we welcome our little boy into this world because there are still a couple things I'd like to get done.

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