Friday, March 4, 2011

It's my BIRTH(ing) month!

Today I am 37 weeks and considered "full term."

I honestly can't believe it.  
I had an appointment last Tuesday.  Everything looked good.  I have gained 30lbs.  My blood pressure 98/56.  Baby's heart rate was around 140 (even though I can tell the nurse just picks a number in the middle because she always says "it's jumping around").  The doc also tested me for Group B Strep and "checked" me.  She said my cervix was softening and I was 1cm dilated on the outside and a fingertip on the inside....and she could feel the baby's head "just a little" (that is crazy to me).  Basically, everything is on track and my body is preparing to have a baby.  She also casually mentioned that she was going to Germany 3 days after my due date.  Say what?!?  However, she was not the least bit worried because she thinks I will definitely have him by then....Wahoo!!  I now go to the Doctor once a week.

I forgot to mention at my appointment two weeks ago they did an ultrasound and he was weighing 5lbs 9oz so an estimated 7-7.5lb baby when all is said and done.  I'm thinking closer to the 7lb range.  We didn't get any good pictures though.

I can't believe we are so close.  On one hand, it feels like it has taken forever to get here and on the other it feels like it has flown's weird.  Now, I just can't wait to meet him.  For all my family's sake, I'm trying to have this baby on Spring Break...which would be the week of March 14th!  Sounds good to me!!  I've started walking everyday in hopes of bringing about labor.   

Until then I will just keep waiting and gestating....


Robyn Doiron said...

If I don't see you before you have that little baby, Good Luck!!! I know you will do great and I love Nikki :) Can't wait to bring ya dinner and meet the little guy~

Elissa said...

I've been thinking about you!! I can't wait until you bring little Hardin to playgroup! We look forward to meeting him. Prayers for a safe delivery, I'm sure you'll do great. :-)