Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 months

You weren't very excited about our photo shoot...


Weight:  11lbs 5.5oz (50%)
Height:  22inches  (25%)
Head Circ.:  15.5  (40%)
(a little on the short and average side!)

Hampton Highlights...
--You eat 4-6oz (pumped breast milk) about every 4 hours.  Although, within the next week I am drying up your supply and we will be going with formula ( I am pretty happy about this decision and happy to have made it for 2 full months).
--You follow things with your eyes and started cooing.  Sometimes you will even carry on a conversation :-)
--Your little hands are getting more curious.  I love how you will open and close them on my back when I'm holding or rocking you.
--You are a great sleeper and always have been (you get that from me).  You have been sleeping in your crib in your room since we got back from Easter in MS.  We have started a bedtime routine (feed, bath, lotion, pj's, dim the lights, feed again if wants, bedtime).  You have been going to bed around 730-8 and sleep till about 4.  Then after this is a wild card...sometimes you go right back to sleep, but sometimes you stay up for  a couple of hours.  If you go right back to sleep you will sleep till about 7ish and then take a "nap" around 9am-11am.  Yes, you are the PERFECT child :-)  Even if you stay up after the 4am feeding you will go back to sleep around 530 and sleep till about 830-9a....that's been okay for now since I'm not working.  Hopefully, we can drop the one feeding in the next two weeks before I go back to work...but I'm definitely not complaining and even if we stick with this I am happy.
-- You are smiling.  Your dad says you are smiling a lot, but I disagree!  I think you are a more serious baby.  You are definitely a content baby.
--Size 1 diaper...about to move up soon I think.
--However, I think you caught the "gas/acid reflux" while in Mississippi last week!  I'm not sure what happened, but one night you woke up screaming and you've been a little more fussy ever since ( I can tell your stomach hurts).  You are still a very good baby!
--You graduated to the Whale tub for baths and I think you like them.
--When you get excited you do this snort thing and kick your legs!
--You are still going through a bunch of diapers (not as many clothes because I'm a better diaper changer).
--The clouds parted and the heavens sang the other day....because your dad got you into our first choice of daycare...Yahoo!  Right now we only have a spot till January but we will cross that bridge when we get there.  I feel soooo much better about going back to work now.  The big day is June 6th.

We love you more than words....

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