Friday, July 22, 2011

4 months old today!


Weight:  14lbs 1oz (50%)
Length:  24in (25%)
Head Circ.:  16.75 (50%)

**You eat 6oz of formula every 3 hours during the day.
**You are sleeping through the night still
**Size 2 diaper
**Mostly 3-6 month clothes (pretty much have grown out of 3 month)
**Can grasp/reach for things (even though your movements are still a little jerky)
**Once you get something, it goes straight towards your mouth
**love to suck on your fingers and fist
**smile, coo, and babble
you are not going to be a movie star...because as soon as we bring out the camera all the smiles go away.
**You are really easy to burp (always have been)
**You're not an everyday pooper....more like every other day!
**I've yet to clip your toenails.
**He likes to "stand up"
**He really likes TV and prefers cartoons :-)
**You still have blue eyes
**People say you are looking more and more like me.  
**Still not rolling over or lifting your chest off the ground very good on your stomach.
**You don't ever cry long enough for tears, but today when the nurse gave you your shots you cried a crocodile sized tear :-( And then you went to was nap time!

Hampton, we think you are the greatest and coolest little kid ever!!

Doctor John said everything looked great at your appointment today EXCEPT he heard a "faint" heart murmur when you were laying on your back.  He did not hear it when you were sitting up.  He said this was really common and was 99% sure it wasn't anything to be concerned about.   I had to fight back the tears when he told me that.  So, we'll watch it--I guess??  

Hampton also wanted to say a few "words"...

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