Friday, July 15, 2011


--SOMEONE CAME AND CLEANED MY HOUSE TODAY (can you hear my excitement, I'm so very excited)!
--I've been running and {jokingly} dieting for the last 2 weeks, trying to lose these last 5 (VERY STUBBORN) pounds from pregnancy before our beach trip. 
--Yea for a FAMILY (this includes laws, outlaws, you name it) beach trip!  This has not been attempted in the last 15 years...:-)
--I've been couponing, extremely!  I even had a "moneymaker" the other day at CVS.  My Kroger savings average about 35% a trip.  Brent is worried I'm going to become a weirdo about it.  I remind him we are poor, but he is still worried and he probably should's addicting and exciting, Ha!
--I made Taco Pasta last night (with the Ortega Taco seasoning packet that was only 19cents after using coupons).  It was good.  Boil the pasta.  Make the taco meat.  Then combine pasta, meat, shredded cheese, chopped Roma tomatoes, and Catalina dressing.  Serve hot, with tostitos.  Yummo.
--Brent is on call this weekend, Boo!
--The other morning, Hampton woke up with a scratch under each eye, so I tried to clip his fingernails and ended up clipping his little thumb.  It was a blood bath and we both cried.  That little sucker would not quit bleeding for anything.  I thought I was going to have to call Brent to come home and dermabond it.  Two band aids finally kept it under control.  I felt HORRIBLE.  We will only be filing his nails from here on out.

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