Monday, August 29, 2011

August 7, 2011

A very special day...
Hampton was baptized.

Hampton did great...much to my relief!  It was the very last day of our week long vacation and for the last two days he was being a lot fussier than normal.  I was cursing myself for not planning his baptism on the first Sunday of vacation rather than the last.  Come to find out, poor thing was just teething....and I had probably said 100 times "vacation has just gotten him all out of wack."  Yep, I was not expecting a little toofee this poor Hampton got no oragel, Tylenol, teething tablets, or even a cold rag (or anything) to suck on.  Yes, I FAILED.

So, during the beginning of the service Hampton was fussy so I kept giving him his bottle and then finally switched it out for the paci and he fell asleep.  We were called up there and the preacher said some words (I honestly don't recall, because I was so nervous) and just before I had to hand him to the preacher....his eyes popped open.  Man, I thought we were in trouble.  However, Hamp went to Dr. Phillips without any problems and Dr. Phillips did his thing...sprinkled a little water on his head and then took him down the aisle.  Hampton was a perfect angel just looking around.  I felt horrible because while Dr. Phillips was actually baptizing him...I had my hand all up in the middle of things trying to get his paci out of his mouth.  Number one, because I thought that was a little tacky.  Number two, he will spit that thing out really fast once he is awake...and I was having visions of it making a big splash into the baptism font.  So again, Hampton was great....I FAILED  :-)

(side note:  Grandma Phyl bought Hampton's gown which reminds me I need to have the date and his initials monogrammed into it)

We celebrated with a little lunch and mimosas...

 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."
Jeremiah 1:5

Friday, August 26, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Hampton had school pictures the other day.  I'm not really wild about any of them, but {of course} we have to buy some...just the smallest package, because I plan to get some better, professional ones done this fall around six months or once he is sitting up good by himself.

Which one do you think?

TGIF :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Months

It's been a BIG month for Hampton...

**You wear size two diapers.
**You wear 3-6 months and 6 month clothes.
**We started you on rice cereal (sort of, we only fed it to you about 4 times and now we've moved on.  We put some in your bottle at night, don't tell :-)
**You've tried sweet potatoes, peas, and applesauce.  I think you are going to be a good eater.  
**You are getting your first tooth.  The bottom left.  It has already broken through the skin!
**Sleep REGRESSION....and the only thing I know to blame it on is the above mentioned tooth!  You wake up several times a night now.  Sometimes, just a paci will solve it, but others you must be held and rocked.  The other night we were desperate for some rest so you slept in bed with us...and loved it!  But, don't get use to it....because that is not a habit we are going to get in to.  As much as I love to cuddle with you, I do Not sleep good.  And I need my sleep.  Please, start sleeping good again!
**You are still a very happy, laid back baby.
**You found your toes....quite possibly the cutest thing.
**You can find me in a room if you hear my voice!
**You will flash someone a grin and then bury your head in my shoulder as if you are shy...I love it.
**You had your first stuffy nose this month.  It did not seem to bother you at all.
**You can roll from front to back.
**You love to "stand up" 
** You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, your stroller, and your exersaucer.
**Just the other day you started laughing spontanausly...without us tickling you.

This month has been so much fun...full of trying new things.  I feel like you have "grown up" over night.  I would say this has been my favorite month yet :-)  My heart feels like it could literally explode...I love you so much (even if you don't sleep as well)!

 Rice cereal for the first time.

Found your toes

I was trying to put more pictures up, but my computer is not cooperating.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Part II (Chattanooga, TN)

 Catching up...

So, the day after we got back from the beach we headed down to Chattanooga to meet Brent's parents and our nephews for some more fun!  We hit up the aquarium, incline railroad, and then the boys (excluding Hampton, obviously) went white water rafting on Friday while Phyl, Hampton, and I hit up a few shops!
Here are some pictures....  

Can we just rewind and do this week again?!!?  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reason # 52 why....

I love Sundays:

because its coupon day!!

Kroger trip--

all this plus:  (3) Colgate toothpaste, (3) 3 pks of Ivory soap, Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and a big thing Bounty paper towels (without this I could have done much better, but generic paper towels stink!)

Drum roll

Total spent---$32 (50% savings)

(by the way, please don't judge...but, yes, I do still eat Spaghettio's and I'm almost 30)

Reason # 1 why I love Sundays....
Spending time with these two guys.

Hope everyone has a great week!  I'll be back with part II of vacation soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Part I (Destin, FL)


We had THE BEST time down at the beach with my family!  It was so good to spend that much time with my whole family in one place.

Of note, Hampton had his first plane ride and did awesome, except for the fact that he decided that his one poop a day would be during the short hour and five minute flight~BOTH WAYS.  Seriously, it was my biggest fear.  We literally have to have a bath after some of his poops, not to mention they are grown up, something died stinky (I was not worried about him crying or anything...only that he would decide to poop on the plane)!  It could have been as bad as I dreamed it up to be, but luck was on our side.  #1-- the flight was only a third full BOTH ways and we had a row of three seats to ourselves.  #2-- he pooped BOTH times while he was lying in the seat next to me playing.  This is important because if he is lying down it usually stays in the diaper (if not, watch out, because it is everywhere; hints my fear). #3--  I was able to change him on the seat beside me and didn't have to use the teeny, tiny bathroom.

Anyways, enough about poop and on to the good!