Monday, August 29, 2011

August 7, 2011

A very special day...
Hampton was baptized.

Hampton did great...much to my relief!  It was the very last day of our week long vacation and for the last two days he was being a lot fussier than normal.  I was cursing myself for not planning his baptism on the first Sunday of vacation rather than the last.  Come to find out, poor thing was just teething....and I had probably said 100 times "vacation has just gotten him all out of wack."  Yep, I was not expecting a little toofee this poor Hampton got no oragel, Tylenol, teething tablets, or even a cold rag (or anything) to suck on.  Yes, I FAILED.

So, during the beginning of the service Hampton was fussy so I kept giving him his bottle and then finally switched it out for the paci and he fell asleep.  We were called up there and the preacher said some words (I honestly don't recall, because I was so nervous) and just before I had to hand him to the preacher....his eyes popped open.  Man, I thought we were in trouble.  However, Hamp went to Dr. Phillips without any problems and Dr. Phillips did his thing...sprinkled a little water on his head and then took him down the aisle.  Hampton was a perfect angel just looking around.  I felt horrible because while Dr. Phillips was actually baptizing him...I had my hand all up in the middle of things trying to get his paci out of his mouth.  Number one, because I thought that was a little tacky.  Number two, he will spit that thing out really fast once he is awake...and I was having visions of it making a big splash into the baptism font.  So again, Hampton was great....I FAILED  :-)

(side note:  Grandma Phyl bought Hampton's gown which reminds me I need to have the date and his initials monogrammed into it)

We celebrated with a little lunch and mimosas...

 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."
Jeremiah 1:5

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