Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fresh, New Look!

Hope you like the new look.  I think it was time.  The grey was getting just a little drab!  It makes me feel like I just got a new haircut or rearranged my bedroom.   Don't you love that feel?  Erin at Designer Blogs did an awesome job and was super easy to work with (and fast).  Go get your own and tell them I sent you :-) 

We are in the midst of a week long vacation and just got back from Part I.  Part II starts tomorrow!!  Can't wait to tell you all about it and share some of our 123211234 pictures!  


Robyn Doiron said...

Love it! Looks great!

Elissa said...

Look at that cutie!!! Hope y'all are having fun with vacationing! If you haven't heard we're having another BOY!!! Love it!! Anyhow, we miss all our friends in Knoxville and I really miss our UTRSA LNO!!