Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Part I (Destin, FL)


We had THE BEST time down at the beach with my family!  It was so good to spend that much time with my whole family in one place.

Of note, Hampton had his first plane ride and did awesome, except for the fact that he decided that his one poop a day would be during the short hour and five minute flight~BOTH WAYS.  Seriously, it was my biggest fear.  We literally have to have a bath after some of his poops, not to mention they are grown up, something died stinky (I was not worried about him crying or anything...only that he would decide to poop on the plane)!  It could have been as bad as I dreamed it up to be, but luck was on our side.  #1-- the flight was only a third full BOTH ways and we had a row of three seats to ourselves.  #2-- he pooped BOTH times while he was lying in the seat next to me playing.  This is important because if he is lying down it usually stays in the diaper (if not, watch out, because it is everywhere; hints my fear). #3--  I was able to change him on the seat beside me and didn't have to use the teeny, tiny bathroom.

Anyways, enough about poop and on to the good!

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