Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Hail,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our new roof and new gutters.  It's like you knew that our roof was original to the house (over 12 years old) and that there is a very good possibility that we will be trying to sell our house in a couple years after residency.  You saved us a crap ton of money, not to mention provided us with a good sales pitch!  We also get to have our deck stained because of your frozen balls of ice.  I'm not mad that you didn't ding up our air conditioning unit enough to require a replacement because that really would have been asking too much.  You were well worth the three minutes that we were scared that our house might actually fall down from your battering.  Thanks again for everything--we owe you one!!

Ramey (and the Hardin House)

This happened back at the end of April....but we just got our new roof the other day...

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Tina S. Chapman said...

Ramey the roof looks great!!! You really do need window boxes under the 2 front windows, it would just add the finishing touch to your darling home. Love, MOM