Monday, October 31, 2011

In Sweet, Sweet Memory

David Barrier Mitchell
March 15, 1982 - October 23, 2011

May 2011.  I am so thankful that Hampton got to meet his "Uncle Bear."
And that we have this picture.  This is the last time I ever saw him.

Seriously, I cannot even believe I am writing this.  There are no words.  I am sad.  This last week has been hard.  The hardest our family has ever had.  Through the tears there have also been smiles, laughs and LOVE (lots of love...Barrier was love).  Annie (one of Jenny's best friends) said:
This past week has been the saddest of my life. We lost an incredible person and friend. But through the most horrible sadness I have seen the most amazing strength and love and support shine through. Words cannot describe the sense of peace I know Bear is comforting you with, Jenny. The calm is his arms wrapped around you.

This is true.

So, the only thing I know to do is beg for your prayers.  Especially for his wife, Jennifer (my cousin).

Saturday, October 22, 2011

7 months

**You are such a happy baby!
**You eat two meals a day.  Oatmeal (cereal) for breakfast and usually yogurt and a vegetable for dinner.  You love to "eat."
**You take a 6oz bottle about every 4 hours.  Lately, you haven't been interested in drinking the whole thing....Mr. Busy.
**You love to be out and about....strolling, restaurants, neighbor's houses---anywhere with action (including daycare--you love it)
**size 3 diapers
**Mostly 9-12 month clothes.  Can still squeeze into some 6 month.
**IT HAPPENED, I missed a milestone.  You said your first word at daycare (10/20/11).
**The word:  Da-Da and a couple more da-da-da-da-das.  Definitely, doesn't use it in context but hey it counts to me.  We are working on Ma-Ma!
**starting to hold your bottle a little.
**You are still not sleeping through the night, you usually wake up once or twice--its obvious we have spoiled you.
**You love "Mum-Mums" dissolvable rice rusks.  Mostly because you can feed yourself these.  I try to save them for crucial times such as; when our meal comes at a restaurant, or long car rides, or when I'm trying to get his dinner ready and he's hungry!

You have just lit up our world and we love you more than anything in this world!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hotty Toddy!

Hampton's first Grove experience...

Ole Miss vs. Alabama
(no need to go into any details about the game itself!)

Worn out...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleep Update:

The secret is not in the pajamas.  (I know everyone had a good laugh at my expense on that one :-)

But it is in the swaddle....

Several people had mentioned this....but honestly, I had not swaddled Hampton since he was two weeks old and just figured he would hate it.  I mean, hate it with a passion!  WRONG.  He loves it.  I was scared to post this too soon because I didn't want to jinx it (like I did with the pajama thing, haha), but we've been doing it for several weeks now (even naps at home--daycare isn't allowed to swaddle) and he sleeps sooooooo much better and longer. 

Go Hampton and Go Team Swaddle!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 60th, Dad!

I jetted down to Meridian on Friday to surprise my dad at his 60th birthday party family get together!  I'm so glad I did...we had the best time and in Dad's own words "this was the best birthday ever."

Hampton stayed in Knoxville with his dad.  I seriously had anxiety over leaving him for weeks prior (this was my very first night away from him), but it wasn't so bad!!  Brent and Hampton did great and enjoyed the male bonding time :-)  I think I might have to get away again sometime soon...just kidding, I really don't want to leave him for another six months, ha!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

They're Back...

Honeycrisp Apples....

These are the best apples ever.  I craved them when I was pregnant.  Crisp, juicy, and sweet!!  
We were first introduced to them in Seattle--recommended by my great uncle Bodey.  

Go getcha some :-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!