Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 months

Hmmm, Mom says there a little kid around here who turned 8 months old the other day....

Wait.  Is she talking about me?

Yep,  I'm 8 months old according to this sticker.

I just don't understand what the big deal is....

I do know all this attention is making me tired!

Seriously Mama...enough.

At 8 months:
~You are just now getting your upper right front tooth (it hasn't quite broken through the skin yet)...which explains your recent fussiness.  Toofees are no fun!
~~You are getting good at your pincher grasp.  And I think more puffs make it into your mouth these days than onto the floor.
~Still just saying da da da da.  You are working on your "B" sound and sometimes it really sounds like you say ball.  Just tonight I thought you might be getting closer to Ma Ma!
~Mostly 12month clothes.
~size 3 diapers
~Eats two meals a day.  Usually a jar of baby food and either yogurt or oatmeal cereal.  You are a great eater! 
~Still taking about 5 bottles a day, anywhere between 4-6 oz of formula.
~Love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
~You do the funniest little panting thing if you are really excited or if your mad you do the panting and squish up your nose....it is hysterical.  I love it!
~you also have a "trick."  If we stick our tongue out at you and make a sound, you will do it back.  Pretty Awesome!  You don't do it every time, but we love it when you do :-)

The other week you were the "featured" student at BEEP.  Here's what your teachers had to say about you...

I love how they say you're going to be an "American Chopper" when you grow up....It's because you do this funny hand thing when you are excited.  It's hard to explain but you have both hands up and out and you do this motion like you are revving up a motorcycle.  You have done this since you were about 5 months old.  

You are such a joy and it is so much fun watching you grow. I love you more than life itself.

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