Wednesday, November 9, 2011


You know you're married to a Urologist when:
 you realize you're drinking your morning cup of coffee...on the way to work, including a quick stop by daycare (and have been doing so for God knows how many mornings) in a Viagra mug.  Cute, huh?

Seriously, we only have like five travel this one gets used fairly often...and I've never noticed or stopped to read it until today?

Which leads me to a whole separate post on "Mommy Brain." 

I had always heard of "pregnancy brain" and this concept is even medically supported.  Something about the lack of oxygen to your brain while you grow your little nugget.  Well, this never happened to me....but from the day Hampton was born (more like from the day we came home from the hospital), most of the time I feel like I have lost my mind.   

 A while back, I went to the grocery store--came home--couldn't find my purse.  Could have sworn I left it in the buggy in the parking lot at the grocery store.   Rush back to said grocery store---scoured the parking lot, no purse---make a report to the manager---drive home in tears over everything I had lost in my purse, including my phone with all my pictures (this was my biggest concern, all the lost pictures of Hampton)--wondering how I was going to cancel all my cards without a phone.  Get home--Purse. is. on. the. kitchen. table.  

I have never been a scatter brain, but y'all, I can't deny the fact that 50% of the time I feel like I have completely lost my mind.  Really, I do dumb stuff a lot!  Do they make medicine for this?  Does this get worse with each kid?  If so, after my third (yes, I still want four :-)  Brent is going to have to check me into the looney bin.

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Robyn Doiron said...

Lol! Glad I am not the only one and yes it gets worse.... I think I only have about 10% of my brain power left!